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Vision Statment

If the mission of the North Bronx S.D.A. ACS department is met, then by 2016, the community within a half mile radius, will be more vibrant. Evidence in:

  • Five percent (5%) of the population will have their social, physical and psychological needs fulfilled.
  • Forty percent (40%) of the five percent will have a better understanding of Christ.
  • Ten percent (10%) of that forty percent will become members of the church.
Everyone has a part to play!

Mission Statement
To galvanize the North Bronx church members to become the key tools in making the church visible in the North Bronx community by fulfilling the mission statement of the ACS, which is “Serving Communities in Christ’s name.”

The North Bronx Adventist Community Services department has been divided into seven ministries. Listed below are the ministries.

Youth empowered to serve (YES!)

Youth Empowered to Serve is a ministry that engages and networks youth and young adults in Service Ministries (Ministries of Compassion) for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. YES! is fundamentally rooted in the mission statement of ACS: "Serving communities in Christ's name"

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Elder Care

This ministry promotes Christ-centered, practical and sustainable solutions to successful holistic aging. It coordinates education and services related to aging, health, finance and social issues for seniors in the church and community in collaboration with community-based elder care programs.

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Crisis Care

Provides trained emotional and spiritual care for survivors of disasters and traumatic events.

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Tutoring & Mentoring

Encourages education and mentoring for disadvantaged children. Offers early interventions that impacts the lives of children and their families by providing volunteer tutors who supply the individual attention a child needs to achieve academic excellence.

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Child care service

The purpose of the daycare center is to provide top quality care and educate children of Jesus’ love. This medium will be used to show love to families in the community and church by providing a service at a minimal cost. It will serve as a platform where information about Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, health practices and other services can get into their homes.

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Urban Ministry

Urban Ministry, sometimes called Community Development, provides vital help to individuals and families who are unemployed, working-poor, uninsured and disadvantaged in poverty stricken and urban areas. It offers relief services, promotes individual and community development that includes equipping community members with skills to become self- sufficient and engages in public advocacy.

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Disaster response

To assist individuals, families and communities affected by natural disasters and unforeseen tragedies.

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